Go-Clair Affiliates and Resellers


Do you think Clair air purifiers would make a good addition to your inventory?

Go-Clair offers two different ways for you to make money selling our air purifiers:

1.  Affiliate Program

2.  Reseller Program

If you do not have the resources to purchase our air purifiers in bulk (while also covering the costs and logistics of shipping and handling) but still wish to sell our air purifiers, then our Affiliate Program is a perfect match for you.  With our Affiliate Program, there are two primary ways to earn money while not actually stocking the air purifiers yourself.  The first way is to simply list our products on your own eCommerce site and sending us the daily orders.  We will handle the logistics on our end.  The second way is to sign up for our Affiliate Program, where we will give you a unique link.  When visitors of your blog, twitter, Facebook page, etc. purchase an air purifier by visiting your unique link, we will give you a percentage of the sales as commission.  There are no absolutely no logistics or additional overhead costs to worry about with this method.  All you need to do is market the product with your unique link.

For more information about our Affiliate Program, please email affiliate@go-clair.com.
To sign up for our Affiliate Program, please visit https://go-clair.leaddyno.com/.

If you can handle the logistics of shipping and handling as well as the resources to purchase in bulk, consider joining the Reseller Program.  As a Reseller, Go-Clair will offer graduated discounts, meaning larger discounts are available for larger bulk orders.  However, this does not mean that smaller Resellers will be missing out on profits.  In fact, our initial discounts even for smaller bulk orders will make selling our air purifiers an attractive proposition.  Then as the sales volume increases, the discounts for larger bulk orders will become increasingly aggressive.

For more information about our Reseller Program, please email us at sales@go-clair.com.


With all options, we will provide all the necessary banners, product images, product specifications, and additional information needed for you to make most of the reseller or affiliate program.