Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to purchase an air purifier. Where do you ship to?
A: We ship to Europe, North America, South America, Asia & Africa.

Q: Is there tax on the product because it's an import?
A: Taxes vary from country to country. If your country does have taxes on imports, they must be paid upon delivery. You can check the fees at Duty Calculator for free.

Q: What type of areas are suitable to place an air purifier?
A: Bedroom, living room, nursing room, office, and any other room where people spend a lot of time in are suitable areas for our product.
Q: Who should use an air purifier?
A: Regardless of age, everyone should use an air purifier product to keep the air around them clean and their lungs healthy.
Q: Are there any positive benefits using one even in a new house?
A: Even new houses aren’t free of toluene, benzene and volatile organic compounds, which can cause sick building syndrome.
Q: What are the differences between the two models?
A: The BF2025 is a smaller, lighter version ideal for smaller rooms and spaces.
Q: Does the air purifier emit any harmful substances?
A: Clair air purifier products emit no hazardous secondary substances such as ozone, and is safe for use at home with infants, pregnant women and people with respiratory conditions.
Q: I’ve read sources that air purifiers do not work, are these really of use?
A: Our purifiers are equipped with the e2f filter which uses +/- polarities to trap particles as small as 0.01µm. Users can check the discoloration of the filter to determine if any particles have been trapped by the device.
Q: What makes the e2f filter different from filters such as the HEPA filter made by other companies?
A: Clair has international patents for the e2f filters. The filter is able to trap 99.9% of fine dust particles – as small as 0.1µm whereas HEPA filters are only able to trap particles that are 0.3µm in size.
Q: Will leaving the air purifier on 24-7 consume a lot of power?
A: The BF-2025 consumes 2.5W when turned on for 24 hours. The TD1866 consumes 5W when turned on for 24 hours. E.g. if your electricity costs 11 cents per kilowatt/hour it will cost you $2.31 annually if used 24/7, every day.

Q: My Clair air purifier broke down and it's still under warranty.  Where do I send it to get it serviced?
A:  If you have a faulty product, please send in your device to the address listed below. We will exchange defect products for a brand new one for up to one year after the date of purchase.

North & South America


7030 Fain Park Drive Suite 11,

Montgomery, AL 36117

Tel: 1-334-215-4426


Europe & Africa


Ludwig -Erhard-Str. 30-34 65760

Eschborn, Germany



GoldOcean Communications

2nd floor, Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-dong 738-39

Seoul, South Korea 135-080

Tel: +82-70-7011-3145


Q: How often do I have to clean my filter? Replace?

A: Filters should be cleaned once every 3 months with a vacuum cleaner. The BF2025 will need a filter replacement once every 12-18 months. The TD1866 will need a filter replacement once every 18 months.