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Clair Air Purifiers 


Clair ATNS Group specializes in air quality treatment for the modern age by bringing a change in design and performance. No more big, heavy machines and unaesthetic devices. We focus on simplicity, efficiency, and, most important of all, improving the quality of the air you breathe with our patented e2F filter.

GoldOcean Communications is a global online marketing company that offers online video promotion, content creation and online research and monitoring services. Go-Clair was formed through a partnership with Clair ATNS Group, to become the official distributor for Clair Air Purifiers worldwide. We focus on delivering two of Clair's high-quality air purifiers equipped with its patented e2f filter technology.




We Strive for Excellence in Customer Service

Delivering our premium air purifiers to consumers is not our only purpose. We firmly believe in providing the best possible shopping experience possible for our customers.





We provide free shipping to over 90 countries worldwide as a standard for Go-Clair.







We provide live customer support with quick responses to customer emails.





Main Website: www.goldocean.co.kr/en
Company Address: 2nd Floor, Gangnamgu, Yeoksamdong 738-39 Seoul, South Korea
Phone Number: +82 70-7011-3145
Contact Email: info@go-clair.com