10 Reasons to have an Air Purifier in Your Home

You may not know it, but these air purifiers can save your life!


Living in an area with high humidity can cause problems with mold in your home. The high humidity gives the perfect environment for mold to grow in – and spread. While an air purifier cannot kill the mold itself, it can certainly help prevent the mold from spreading to other parts of your home. Mold spreads by releasing spores into the air, and when these spore find a new, suitable place to grow, it won’t be long before you see a new mold spot. Prevent the spores from spreading in the first place by capturing it with an air purifier.


Allergy season can be an unpleasant experience. While the only way to control your allergies while outdoors is through medication, using an air purifier at home during allergy season will allow you to forgo taking excessive amounts of your favorite anti-histamine. In fact, it may be for the best to not take your allergy medication so often, as over time, a tolerance to the medication may result. So while you’re indoors, do away with your Claritin or Zyrtec, and just turn on your air purifier.
The struggle is real.


Without a question, if you are a smoker, you need an air purifier in your home. The sheer number of pollutants and carcinogenic material in the second hand smoke will create a cesspool of harmful chemicals in your home. Simply leaving a window open is not enough, as this smoke will cling to the walls and furniture of your home. Of course, simply not smoking in the home is the best solution, but for those who really can’t bring themselves to go outside to smoke, an air purifier is the next best thing.


If you have a dog or cat (or any pet that sheds, really), you absolutely need an air purifier in your home. While it is easy to see how much hair and/or fur accumulates in your home, you cannot see the amount of pet dander that comes with it. An air purifier will control both the fur and pet dander shed by your beloved furry creatures.


Litterboxes tend to have a lot of dust, and this isn’t just any dust, no, no. This dust is infused with litter your cat has lovingly produced for you to get rid of. And as any cat owner would know, when that furry monster jumps in and out of the litterbox, a significant amount of this special dust gets sprinkled everywhere. Simply keeping an air purifier near the litterbox will help the dust from spreading.

You may be cute, but I'll have you know that you're standing in your own poop!


Do you like to experiment with food? Or are you just a clumsy cook? In either case, chances are that you are no Chef Ramsay, and have accidentally burnt your food while cooking. An air purifier in your home will help get rid of the smoke much more quickly, not to mention you won’t have to leave a window open for so long trying to dissipate the smoke – especially on a cold winter evening.

Sick Colleagues

If your colleagues tend to come into work even when they are sick, an air purifier near your office space would be perfect to help you from joining their fate. An air purifier will filter out the airborne germs in the air released by your hardworking (or inconsiderate, depending on how you look at it) sick co-workers. You can have fresh, clean, germ-free air right in your office.
Don't be that guy who gets EVERYONE in the office sick.

Stale Air

Have you ever come back from home from a long trip only to be greeted with a stale, musty scent that smells like it came out of the back end of a 100 year old grandmother who ate too many beans? Probably not. But surely, stale air is a problem for homes that have not been occupied in some time. With an air purifier, there will be a constant circulation of clean air in your home, so it no longer smells like grandma’s bean special.

Smell in Home

If you’re the type of socialite who loves to have friends and family over to your home often, an air purifier is a must. You just never know what your home will smell like. Even for the average, relatively neat person, smells from cooking, the bathroom, laundry, your pets, etc. can combine like Voltron (or the Power Ranger Megazord) to create a new, more intoxicating stench. An air purifier can help you defeat this stench, and help you keep your status as a proper socialite.

Just because you should

Why the heck not? I could create a list of lists of the reason why an air purifier is necessary in a home. There are so many situations where an air purifier would not only keep your home smelling fresh, but also keep your health intact. So what are you waiting for? Go get an air purifier!

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