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Do Air Purifiers Work?

We all have been told that there are differences in quality in the air we breathe which is true. Pollutants have infiltrated even the cleanest of cities which...


We all have been told that there are differences in quality in the air we breathe which is true. Pollutants have infiltrated even the cleanest of cities which has sprung up websites that provide real-time data of the quality of air using standardized measurements known as the air quality index.

Air Quality Index of London showing Various levels of PM2.5 and PM10


But these are government/non-profit org operated websites that provide data from a city-scale only. People who are aware of the air quality of their environment usually have air purifiers installed in their home to keep the quality of air in check however do these people actually know just how dirty the air in the home is?



Dust from Chalk, magnified x3000

This is the most common particle found in homes. It can come from clothes, the outdoors, the carpet and ends up in our lungs eventually.


Pet Dander

These are microscopic flakes of skin shed by cats, dogs or any animal that sheds fur.


Chemical Odors

These include fumes from paint or other chemicals such as toluene which is known to cause problems in the respiratory tract.



Smoke from cigarettes or even the fireplace can leave a home smelly and can cause lung problems.


We tested our Clair air purifiers out in 4 different environment types for one whole month and examined the filters.


Male, 30 – Light Smoker


This male smokes occasionally in his home and used the Clair BF2025 air purifier for only a few days before noticing results. Notice the dark discoloration of the filter due to the accumulation of smoke and dust particles.



Female, 26 – Owner of 3 cats


This person owns three cats and lives in a small studio style room. She had a significant build-up of pet dander in her home that has caused allergic reactions to some of her visitors. Notice the high amount of fur on her filter.


Male, 36 – Heavy Smoker

The filter is yellower than the other filters due to the tar build-up from cigarette smoke.

This person lives alone with no pets and is a heavy smoker which explains the yellowish color of the filter through the accumulation of tar. Regular HEPA filters cannot capture the smoke like the e2f filter can.


Doctor's Office - Dentist

This person is a dentist and has a clair air purifier in her lobby. Although the air was previously very clean, you can still see slight discoloration through the accumulation of dust particles. This person reported that there were less reports of kids sneezing from allergens.


These reports are just a few examples of the types of environments air purifiers are used in but does not limit to any other locations not shown here. Air purifiers are a necessity but the quality of air is often not included in the discussion about overall health. The contents of these filters are what people breathe in everyday in their homes without knowing and can be the cause of severe health effects.


Do you plan on purchasing an air purifier but not sure yet? Try our product risk-free for 30 days and decide for yourself.

*Pictures depict actual users and images acquired through surveys.

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