Ways to have fun at home when it’s cold outside

In the words of Louis Armstrong: “Baby, it’s cold outside”. As the weather gets colder, more people tend to stay indoors to stay warm. And if you’ve been...

In the words of Louis Armstrong: “Baby, it’s cold outside”. As the weather gets colder, more people tend to stay indoors to stay warm. And if you’ve been following the advice in our blog articles on how to deal with asthma in the winter and how to keep the air in your home fresh, your home should be safe to cozy up in until the weather gets warmer. However, staying at home all day can be boring – or a headache if you have hyperactive children (read: 2 to 7 years old). Fortunately, there are many fun things you can do to have fun at home without staring at some type of screen all day.


    Make a pillow fort. Children will have a blast playing around in a pillow fort, but you can have just as much fun playing in it yourself. The key is to simply let your imagination loose and your inner child to take over!

    Play board games. Board games are terribly underrated. In this day and age, there are tons of different board games to choose, and the best part is that there are many games specifically for adults as well. For example, a simple game like “Sorry!” is great for playing with little kids, but if you’re with a group of friends or have older children, games like “Risk” or “Settlers of Catan” can provide hours upon hours of fun. Be warned, however: Some of these board games are competitive enough to destroy friendships.

    Rearrange your furniture. Do you remember that feeling you got when you first moved into your home? Everything just felt new. Then after living in said home for at least a year, everything is simply “as usual”. Rearranging your furniture can bring back that feeling of “new-ness”. Rearrange everything well enough, and it could even feel like you’ve just moved into a new home!

    Experiment with new recipes. While cooking may seem like a chore to many, the learning process can actually be quite enjoyable. The internet has a wealth of information, and new recipes from completely different cultures/countries can have you experiment with a new dish every day of your life and still not have enough time to try them all. And as an added bonus, cooking in your home will warm it up considerably, allowing you to lower the heat in your home. Not only will you learn to cook better, but you’ll be warm while you’re doing it.

    Read a book. Whether you read for your children or you read on your own, reading is an excellent activity to pass the time. As a bonus, you can cozy up in your warm bed while reading and take a quick nap whenever you want!

    Watch a movie marathon. Yes, yes; I have already mentioned that there are many things to do without staring at a screen, but in this day and age, it’s really hard to completely tear yourself away from a screen for long – especially if you have several hours of free time, and you can’t/don’t want to go outside. Pick your favorite actor/actress/director/genre and watch away! Having a Netflix subscription most certainly helps in this endeavor.

    These are just some of the things you can do when it’s so cold that your face hurts from the slightest breeze. Staying at home all day does not always have to be boring or excruciatingly frustrating (with children), and having a few activities in mind can definitely make these cold days go by faster.

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