How to Keep your Home Fresh without an Air Purifier

How sure are you that the air quality in your home is actually better than the air quality outside? Many of those living in homes with bad air quality do not even...

How sure are you that the air quality in your home is actually better than the air quality outside? Many of those living in homes with bad air quality do not even realize that they may have a problem merely because they cannot see or smell any of the pollution from outside in their homes. This is especially true during the winter, when people tightly close all their doors and windows and fresh air can hardly ever enter the home. There is only a low amount of ventilation or circulation of air, so all the allergens and lung irritants that happen to be in the home never actually leave. This can cause many problems with health in the long run, and unfortunately, not everyone is interested in purchasing an air purifier (or simply cannot purchase one) for one reason or another.   So then what can you do then to help with air quality control at home?

There are several things you can do to improve the quality of air in your home without purchasing an air purifier.

Vacuum often. Vacuuming often, especially with a vacuum with a HEPA filter, is one of the best ways to consistently get rid of the fine dust that accumulates in your home. Less fine dust in your home means less possibility of dust mites, which will reduce possible allergic reactions and keep your air clean of floating dust. Add in a deodorizing carpet powder to give you a nice, fresh scent.

Keep the humidity lower. Humidity plays a large part in managing mold and dust mites. More humid environments allow for mold to spread and dust mites to flourish, which means more potential allergens that you may be breathing in. Simply turn on the A/C or use a dehumidifier to keep the moisture in your home at bay.

Increase ventilation. Depending on where you live, the air outside may or may not actually be cleaner than the air in your home. With that said, those living in larger cities should utilize trickle ventilation, especially during the cold months. A trickle vent is essentially a small screen for your window with a few extra filter layers. Keep this window/vent open just a smidgen to allow fresh, filtered air to trickle into your home.

Bathe your pets regularly or keep them from your bedroom. Bathing your pets regularly will wash off all the pet dander that has built up on your beloved animal, keeping the air free of the allergens. In addition, keeping your pets from entering your bedroom will also help significantly with reducing allergens from the place you spend roughly 8 hours a day in.

Smoke outdoors. It cannot be emphasized enough that the irritants in a cigarette are almost as bad as car exhaust (if not worse). So if you are a smoker, a way to instantly improve the quality of air in your home is to simply smoke outside.

Try these tips to keep the quality of air in your home fresh and clean with or without the use of an air purifier. Clean air. All day. Everyday.


Corey - Jan 05, 2015

Vacuuming with powder works well if you have carpet. And open the windows everywhere for a good 2 hours after vacuuming to circulate fresh air. Works.

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